If you own a plowing business or if you have to regularly plow large spaces, this setup is designed to help you get the job done quickly and comfortably so that you can focus on other aspects of your business or life. 

Cab Enclosure or Door kit – Hop on and protect yourself from the chilling wind. A door enclosure kit works great with hard top UTVs, giving you protection and peace of mind while you plow.

Tire Chain or Snow Tracks – Depending on your budget, a tire chain for a set of snow tracks can give you the traction you need on ice or snow. A set of good snow tracks will also increase the height of your UTV, allow you to travel over thick snow with ease.

UTV Cab Heater – Just a small heater to help you battle the cold while you get the job done. You’re gonna need a cab enclosure with this one for obvious reasons. 

Plowing System – You have an option between manual, winch or hydraulic. If you’re just plowing a smaller job, I would say a manual or winch system will do. Sure, you will be getting in and out of your ride a lot more, but with the money you will be saving, it’s worth it for small jobs. However, if you own a plowing business and will be plowing often, a hydraulic system is the way to go. Get the job done, get paid faster and the system will pretty much pay for itself. 

Snow Plow – Of course, don’t forget about this one. You mainly have 2 options: straight or V. 

Straight Plow: This is the lighter option and will fit most UTVs. If you’ve got the hydraulic system, you can easily lift snow with a straight plow and dump it where you want. Straight plos are great for pushing snow once you’ve angled it properly and it’s the choice for most people. 

V Plow: Needless to say, this plow is shaped like a V with a pointed end. Its purpose to make it easy for you to plow through snow by distributing the load and pushing the snow to either side of the vehicle. It’s great for opening up paths or sidewalks. They are also great for tight areas where you need flexibility because you can angle the “V” however you like. As with straight plows, pair the V plow with a hydraulic system and you’re good to go for jobs big or small.