The original minibike was used to help the rider move quickly around pit areas of motor racing events. People quickly took notice of how fun these little machines were and as a result, pocket bikes were created to satisfy the market’s crave for smaller versions of their favorite motor bike. 

Today, pocket bikes are mainly used for recreation and races among children and adults. People also use them for creating DIY projects, practicing tricks, learning about mechanical parts or collecting them for fun.

In this post, we will take a look at some fun things you can do with your pocket bike. 

4 Things that You can do with a Pocket Bike

1 – DIY Projects and Modifications – There’s just something special when it comes to customizing your pocket bike. For one, you can customize the look to make it truly unique to your own personality, liking and tastes. Two, you can modify it to improve performance, like make it go faster, brake better etc. 

The amount of things you can modify on your bike is limitless and much cheaper when compared to car modifications!  If you’re a beginner to Pocket Bike DIY modifications, just head over to youtube and search for tutorials. One of my favorite (and easy) DIY project is this pocket bike exhaust pipe modification by Dylon Desbiens (video below). 

2 – Learn about Mechanics / Motorcycle Parts –  A pocket bike operates much like the bigger motorcycles and it’s a great way to teach kids about motorcycle parts. You can take out each of the parts separately and show your kids how they are connected and how they work. 

3 – Practice Wheelie and Tricks Kids and adults can use pocket bikes to practice their motorcycle tricks and wheelies. It’s a great way to learn to balance a bike, especially when you are just getting started with this sport. 

4 – Collect them – Since pocket bikes are designed to look like a real racing motorcycle, some people have started to collect them. It’s fun to collect pocket bikes because they are inexpensive, fully customizable and you can have fun riding on them. 

The video below shows a pocket bike designed and inspired by Valentino Rossi’s Honda RCV REPSOL motorbike.

Note that not all designs are available. Some people are simply buying a bike that they like, and then customizing it with decals and paint to replicate their favorite racer’s bike.