If you’re a horse owner, you probably have a horse trailer kicking around. While horse trailers are great for taking your horses with you on the road, you may have wondered if you can “multi-purpose” the trailer and haul your UTV in it as well.

Most UTVs will fit inside a horse trailer with ease. You may need to make room for the UTV by removing some of the dividers inside the trailer. If you’re buying a new horse trailer, look for one without a center post in its backdoors. This will allow you to gain access to the complete width of the trailer.

There are used horse trailer options that are affordable and provides an enclosed option to haul your UTV. In this post, we will go over the things you need to be aware of if you’re trying to fit and haul your UTV using your horse trailer. 

Tips for Fitting your UTV in your Horse Trailer

A typical horse trailer measures 7ft wide, 7ft tall and 10+ ft long. A typical UTV measures  64” (5ft 4inches) wide and 76” (6ft 4inches) tall. This means your UTV will fit nicely inside a horse trailer. 

If you’re using a bumper pull or straight load horse trailer, be sure to measure the dimensions first as these trailers tend to be smaller and shorter in length.

If you’re hauling a slant, a gooseneck, a “2 + 1” or a horse trailer with living quarters, you’re going to need to do some adjustments ahead of time. Here are some tips:

  1. Remove The Rear Tack – Check to see if the rear tack in your horse trailer is removable. If it is, try to remove the saddle racks. See if you can swing the wall pieces flush with inside walls of the trailer. You may not be able to get the wall pieces to completely flush but it should be good enough to fit your UTV.
  2. Detach Back Door Center Post – If your doors open outwards in a “butterfly” way, check to make sure the center post can be removed. You can’t load your UTV with the center post in the way.
  3. Take out the Mangers – Check the managers and see if they can be removed. Mangers take up extra space width in the trailer and it’s best to remove them to create maximum room for your UTV.
  4. Remove the Slant Walls / Dividers – Depending on the number of UTVs you want to haul, you may not need to remove all of the dividers.
  5. Load UTVs First – If you’re hauling your horses as well, consider loading your UTVs first so they are at the front and keeping your horses at the back. This will allow the horses to come out easier and for you to get them faster in the case of emergencies.
  6. Get a Ramp – If your trailer is a step up, you need to get a ramp in order to load your UTV. Even if you have a ramp, check the weight rating to ensure it will support the weight of your UTV.
  7. Check the Wheel Wells – some house trailers have wide wheel wells that eat into the interior width of the trailer. If your trailer is like this,  check to see if the width between the wheel wells can fit your UTV.
  8. Check Your Truck – Horse trailers are heavy, make sure your truck has enough power to do the job.